Donations and Sponsorships

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Since, 1851, BayCoast Bank has been committed to enhancing the economic vitality and social welfare of the communities we serve through charitable donations and sponsorships. A major focus of our charitable giving is directed towards education, health and human services, youth programs and community development.

For more detailed information, please review our Giving Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.

Application Procedure

To request funding, please complete our online application. Be sure to provide all the required documentation and a full program description as indicated on the form instructions. You will have an opportunity to upload (attach) all your supporting documentation.

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Review Process

BayCoast Bank meets quarterly to review charitable donation and sponsorship requests in March, June, September, and December of each year. Please ensure all requests for support are submitted during the quarter prior to the event, or when the funds will be needed. It may take several weeks for an application to be reviewed. We suggest submitting an application at least 2 to 3 months before your event or fundraising deadline. It is important that you provide all the required information to ensure a prompt response to your request. For some requests, a site visit or additional information may be necessary before a final decision can be made.

The large number of donation and sponsorship requests submitted to the Bank increases each year. Unfortunately, it is not possible for BayCoast Bank to fund every opportunity presented. Submission of an application does not guarantee that a proposal will be approved or that it will be funded at the level requested.

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