Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Embracing Diversity, Championing Inclusiveness

At BayCoast Bank, we value diversity and inclusion as an integral part of our commitment to serve the unique needs of individuals and businesses across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our belief in the strength of community involvement drives us to foster a culture of inclusiveness, empowering our employees to respect and celebrate the differences among us.

We take pride in being a bank dedicated to supporting the communities we live and work in. Helena Moronta serves as our First Vice President of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office, leading our continued commitment to ensuring equity and fairness at all levels within our institution. With our wide range of financial services, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and can access the solutions best suited to their individual life and lifestyle. Together, we embrace and champion diversity and inclusion, ensuring a brighter and more connected future for all.

As a DEI Officer, my goal is to build bridges, encourage dialogue, and championing a workplace culture that values diversity as a core strength.

Nick Christ

Helena Moronta

First Vice President Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Our Mission

“BayCoast Bank is committed to fostering an environment that is equitable, inclusive and diverse in all forms, by embracing and empowering individuals and the community from various backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and perspectives.”

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Leadership Support

At BayCoast Bank, our leadership team embodies a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Each member’s unique experiences ensure our decisions cater to diverse communities. By fostering an inclusive work environment and promoting active community involvement, our leaders demonstrate the importance of diversity, exemplifying it throughout our organization and the way we serve customers.

Through our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, BayCoast Bank strives to be a catalyst for positive change, setting an example for how businesses can promote a more equitable environment for everyone in the workplace and beyond.

Nick Christ

Nicholas M. Christ

President and CEO

DEI Committee

In addition to our dedicated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Officer, we take great pride in our robust DEI Committee. This committee is composed of representatives from various business areas, encompassing senior executives and board members. The committee plays an imperative role in endorsing DEI initiatives, fostering inclusivity, and certifying our commitment to fair practices. These combined efforts lead to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

At BayCoast Bank, we value our employees’ diverse experiences and perspectives. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide supportive spaces where team members can connect, share experiences, and contribute towards our mission of diversity and inclusion.

Women’s Empowerment Group

The Women’s empowerment group is a dedicated community within BayCoast Bank that aims to support and uplift all in the workplace. It is a safe and inclusive space where employees come together to discuss their experiences, share knowledge, and collaborate on initiatives that promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Working Parents, Single Parents and Caregivers Group

The working parents, single parents, and caregiver’s employee group is a support network within BayCoast Bank that brings together individuals who share the common experience of balancing work responsibilities with the demands of raising children or caring for dependents. This group provides a platform for members to connect, share experiences, and seek advice on various challenges they face in managing their dual roles.

Young Professional Group

The young professional group is a career-focused community within the organization. It brings together individuals who are early in their career, along with seasoned professionals, to share common goals, interests, and challenges. This group aims to foster professional development, networking opportunities, and support for young professionals within the company.

Voice of The Associate

The Voice of the Associate group for employees is an organized body within an organization that represents the collective voice and interests of the employees. It serves as a platform for employees to express their opinions, concerns, and suggestions regarding various aspects of the workplace.

BayCoast Scholars Program

BayCoast, in partnership with Bristol Community College and UMASS Dartmouth, has developed an innovative BayCoast Scholars program designed to provide underrepresented students with free college education and career experience. Students from Fall River’s Durfee High School and New Bedford High School are invited to apply for consideration. Students accepted into the program complete an Associate’s degree in Business at BCC with a guaranteed transfer to UMass Dartmouth for a Bachelor’s in Business Management. Scholars also benefit from hands-on experience via paid part-time roles at BayCoast Bank, offering them a launchpad for their career. Our investment in these Scholars underscores our commitment to their job readiness and future success.

Accessibility and Multilingual Support on BayCoast Bank’s Website

At BayCoast Bank, we pride ourselves on our user-friendly and inclusive website. Users can easily tailor their experience thanks to our personalization toolbar, adjusting colors, fonts, and more. Enhanced navigation ensures an effortless journey through our site.

In a commitment to reach a broader audience, our website also offers multiple language options, including Spanish and Portuguese, seamlessly catering to our diverse customer base.

Community Engagement

At BayCoast Bank, community engagement is at the core of our values and mission. Believing in the transformative power of engagement, we actively participate in and sponsor a range of community initiatives aimed at driving positive change and enhancing inclusivity. Through volunteering, fundraising, mentorship programs, and partnerships with local organizations, we strive to uplift and make meaningful contributions to the communities we serve.

Our community engagement efforts underline our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, while helping to transform BayCoast Bank into a place where employees can grow personally and professionally. Collectively, these efforts reinforce our role as an employer of choice, entrusting us with the responsibility of leading the way towards a more inclusive and diversified banking industry.

Partnering with industry groups, we’re committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. Our collaboration with the Massachusetts Bankers Association DEI Council and American Bankers Association (ABA) reinforces this commitment. Additionally, we have established relationships with various community groups and organizations. These partnerships reflect our dedication to driving DEI initiatives within our bank and the broader banking industry.

Your Feedback Shapes Our Commitment to DEI

We highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions to continually strengthen and improve our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Your insights help us create a more inclusive and equitable environment for everyone. If you have any ideas, questions, or recommendations, or if you would like to get involved in our initiatives, please do not hesitate to reach out to our DEI Officer.

Together, we can work towards fostering a more diverse and inclusive future for all at BayCoast Bank.

Helena Moronta

First Vice President Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

330 Swansea Mall Drive, Swansea, MA 02777     

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