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BayCoast Bank is a long-standing community bank with a tradition of supporting education. We believe in helping our friends and neighbors understand more about money and how their financial well-being impacts everyday life.

Learning the foundations of money management is what our financial education programs are all about. We want to help you grow your financial knowledge with confidence, so you can get what you want out of life.  The important thing to remember is that your financial education can start at any age.  That’s why BayCoast Bank offers a variety of financial education programs for students of all ages. 

No matter how old you are or what grade you’re in, even if you’re an adult who could use a lesson on the basics of money management – we are here to help you achieve your financial goals through every stage of your life. Our programs are free to our entire community.


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Financial Online Learning Modules

Whether you need help learning healthy financial habits, how to save for college, how to invest for retirement, what you can do to improve your credit score, or strategies to pay off debt, our online modules offer valuable knowledge and insight to help get you where you want to be financially.  Each module is an interactive, 3-to-5-minute lesson covering a variety of financial topics. The courses are fun, interactive, and convenient for your schedule.  If you start a module but can’t finish right away, simply save your progress, then pick it up where you left off the next time you visit. Click here to access our online learning modules.


Credit for Life

High school students participating in the Credit for Life program are asked to imagine their life as a 25-year-old adult and are assigned a career, salary, and credit score.  The goal is to learn how to make responsible money management decisions, based on their assigned life situation.  Students visit a variety of booths staffed by local community organizations, where they learn how to handle a budget by purchasing necessities such as housing, food, clothing and healthcare.  This experience helps students truly understand the cost of living so they are better equipped to make critical financial decisions as they enter adulthood.


K-12 Financial Learning Modules

With the help of our partner Banzai, BayCoast Bank empowers educators in our community to bring real-world money lessons into their classrooms, helping students gain the financial literacy skills they’ll need for a successful future.  This program includes engaging, self-paced digital courses student can access from anywhere, assessments and reporting to track student progress and local support from Banzai’s talented staff of former educators who are there to ensure you get the most out of the program.


Money Smart 

Developed by the FDIC, Money Smart is an engaging financial education program that helps learners of all ages, from kindergarten all the way up to senior learners, enhance their money skills and create positive banking experiences.

  • Money Smart for Young People (Grades K-12) This program consists of four free curriculums and is designed to help teachers deliver basic money concepts to students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Each age-appropriate curriculum includes a lesson plan for educators, along with helpful guides prepared for parents and caregivers. 
  • Money Smart for Young Adults (Ages 12-20).  This series of eight modules includes a fully-scripted instructor guide – perfect for those who do not have teaching experience but want to help students learn the basics of personal finance. 
  • Money Smart for Adults.  This 14-module curriculum can be used to provide training for adults in many different life stages and financial situations, including adults who are new to this country, adults with disabilities, adults starting or changing careers, and adults who may be going through significant life events, such as purchasing or renting their first homes.

School Banking (Pre-K Through Grade 8)

This program is designed to give students in Pre-K through Grade 8 the opportunity to learn the basics of saving money.  Bank representatives visit a participating school on a regularly scheduled “Banking Day” and help students open their accounts, fill out deposit slips, and accept deposits.  Students learn first-hand how to save money and how banks work while having the opportunity to speak with bank staff.


BayCoast Scholars Program

This is an innovative program developed by BayCoast, in collaboration with Bristol Community College and UMASS Dartmouth, providing a free college education and valuable career experience to students from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds in our community.  Students from Fall River’s Durfee High School and New Bedford High School may apply.  Those who are accepted to the program have the opportunity to complete their Associate’s degree in Business at BCC, then receive guaranteed transfer to UMass Dartmouth, where they will complete their Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Scholars also receive paid, part-time employment at BayCoast Bank, exposing them to many different professional opportunities, giving them a head start on their career aspirations.  BayCoast actively invests in the Scholars’ careers, job readiness, and ultimately, their futures.


Industry Tours

Take your students on a field trip for a behind-the-scenes tour of BayCoast Bank’s corporate offices and learn about how a bank works to support the financial needs of our communities. Attendees meet with bank staff to discuss exciting career paths the bank has to offer. Students will be able to ask questions and find out what an average day looks like in several departments including Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing and more!  


Internship Program

BayCoast Bank values education and providing a meaningful job experience to students. Through the Bank’s Internship Program, students can gain valuable experience and exposure to different career opportunities in the banking industry in areas such as Finance, Retail and Commercial Lending, Risk Management, Marketing, Information Technology, Operations, Training, Investment Management and Trust Services and Insurance. Internships are paid and are available during a school’s summer or winter breaks.   Internships may also be available when a student is required to earn work credit as part of an internship program they are enrolled in with their school.


Cyber Security Seminars

Our seminars will help you learn how to protect your private information when you go online.  You will also become educated on keeping yourself safe from email threats, phishing attacks, malware, viruses and other fraud attacks. 

Fraud Prevention for Seniors

In addition to learning about cyber security and how to minimize your risks, this seminar includes information on how to protect yourself against financial abuse towards seniors.  Seniors face additional risks when targeted by scammers.  Taught by trusted bank advisors, this seminar will go over important security tips for seniors.

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