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The internet is a great place to connect with friends, family and loved ones, for work, and to learn about the world around us. But it can also be a dangerous place where criminals can find their next victim or get away with theft.

To help protect our customers from the latest cyber threats and internet security risks at home, we’ve launched our Home Internet Security Customer Awareness Program powered by KnowBe4, an industry leader in security awareness training. This in-depth program is specifically designed to offer meaningful tips to keep you and your family safe when you surf the internet.

Don’t let nefarious hackers, online predators and criminals gain access to your home computer. Protect yourself now, with our informative Home Internet Security Customer Awareness Program, and stay safe online!

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Learn how you can avoid being a victim of crime in today’s digital age.
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Home Internet Security Modules

We offer a series of informative Security Modules, which introduce you to real-life examples of the internet dangers you may face when you go online. We also show you what you need to do to stay safe, so you don’t become a victim of a hacker’s deceptive tactics.


Learn 10 important rules about creating and using passwords.

Online Banking Security

Learn about the risks of online banking and what you need to do to remain safe when banking online.

Keeping Your Identity Safe

Learn the tips for protecting your identity online.

Avoiding Malware

Learn how to identify threats to your computer, and what you can do to limit exposure.

Keeping Personal Information Confidential

Identify the keys to keeping your information confidential.

Protecting Children Online

Identify the vulnerabilities that exist, and master the tips for keeping children safe online.

Securing Your Home Network

At work, you know someone is in charge of keeping your computer and network secure.  At home, it’s your job.  Learn the tips for keeping your systems secure.

Email & Attachments Safety

Cyber-attacks can be spread via email or message attachments. Learn the red flags you should watch out for, before you click.

Learn how to keep yourself and your family safe online.

By spending time to educate yourself on how you’re using the internet, how your information is being used, and how to protect that information, you empower yourself with key strategies to help avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime in today’s digital age.

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Use password “cap” to access program.

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