November 30, 2021

BayCoast Bank Celebrates Our 170th Anniversary

We are incredibly honored to announce that BayCoast Bank is celebrating a momentous occasion.  It is an accomplishment that is more than a century and a half in the making; an incredible feat that not only our employees have played a role in to achieve, but our valued customers as well. 

December 1, 2021, marks the 170th anniversary of BayCoast opening our doors to the community.

Think about that for a moment.  170 years.  That’s a very long time.  The automobile hasn’t even been around for that long.  It’s a big milestone, indeed, and we think you’ll agree that over the years, BayCoast Bank has certainly seen a lot.

So, let’s travel back in time to 1851; a time when Sojourner Truth addressed the first Black Women’s Rights Convention, Isaac Singer patented the first sewing machine, the classic novel Moby Dick was published, America won its first America’s Cup yacht race, and BayCoast Bank was born.

Originally chartered in Tiverton, Rhode Island in 1851, BayCoast Bank started out simply as The Savings Bank. Eleven years later, a state boundary shift placed The Savings Bank on the Massachusetts side of the boundary line, making Fall River our home for well over a century, before we relocated our headquarters to Swansea in 2011.

Throughout our history, and numerous name changes, the employees and customers of BayCoast Bank have together witnessed tremendous global events. From World Wars to the Moon Landing, 9/11 to the Great Recession; the emergence of cell phones, the internet, and social media.

While technology has evolved over the years, our pride in serving the community has remained constant.  We care about enhancing the banking experience for our customers.  That includes financial literacy for children.

Back in the early 1920s, one of the unique features of the teller line was the inclusion of a small children’s window, where kids could conduct their banking and learn more about their financing.  Today, that tradition of financial education continues with BayCoast Bank, where we support educational experiences, both in the classroom and online, to students in our communities.

As a long-standing financial institution, we know how important it is to enhance the overall banking experience for all our customers.  We strive to offer convenient services to help improve their lives, including becoming one of the first banks in downtown Fall River to open a drive-up window.  More recently, we took ATMs to the next level, with the implementation of Interactive Teller Machines , or ITMs.  This advanced technology allows customers to complete banking transactions with virtual tellers, who are available during extended business hours.

As we reestablish our presence in Rhode Island, the commitment to our customers living on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts remains as deep as ever, as we plan future expansion in the Bay State as well, with new branches planned for 2022.

Today, as we prepare to enter a new year, BayCoast Bank is returning to its Rhode Island roots, expanding service into the Ocean State, with our newest branch openings in Bristol and Providence.  

On this 170th anniversary, we wish to thank our valued customers.  We want you to know, our commitment to you is as strong as ever and we will continue our mission of exceptional service to you, as we did for your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. 

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