Mobile Banking FAQs

BayCoast Bank Mobile Banking
Should I be enrolled in online banking before using mobile banking?

Yes. Enrollment in Online Banking is required to use BayCoast Bank Mobile Banking. Learn more about Online Banking. 

How do I sign up for mobile banking?

No registration is necessary. Download the BayCoast Bank Mobile Banking app from the App Store for iPhones or from Google Play for Android phones and log in using your BayCoast Bank Online Banking user ID and password. 

Can I optimize my mobile web experience?

Yes. Ensure your phone’s browser has cookies and style sheets enabled.

Is mobile banking supported on my phone?

Mobile banking is supported on most phones that provide internet access.

How much does this service cost?

Mobile Banking is a free service provided by BayCoast Bank.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes. BayCoast Bank’s mobile banking service utilizes the strongest security available and no account data is ever stored on your phone. Should your phone become lost or stolen, call E-Commerce at 508-675-4404 and your wireless service provider.

Can I use mobile banking at any time?

Yes. Mobile banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I pay a bill using mobile banking?

Yes. Pay bills from anywhere at any time.  

What happens if I get locked out of mobile banking?

Call BayCoast Bank E-Commerce at 508-675-4404.

What do I do if I forget my username or password?

Online banking users can use the “Forgot Password” option found on the online banking log in page. Otherwise, please contact E-Commerce at 508-675-4404.

Do I need a new user ID and password to use mobile banking?

No. You will use the same user ID and password you use to access online banking. If you are not currently an Online Banking user, click here to enroll.

Can I use multiple mobile devices to access BayCoast Bank Mobile Banking?

Yes. You can download the BayCoast Bank Mobile Banking app to multiple mobile devices.

My mobile banking seems slow… why?

Connection speeds may vary for different wireless service providers, different data usage plans, and different geographical locations. If you experience a slow response while mobile web browsing or during data transmission, please check with your wireless service provider.

How do I securely leave my mobile banking browser session?

Select the “Sign Off” link to sign out of mobile banking, and then close your browser through your mobile device browsing options.

Can someone intercept my mobile banking transactions?

No. The encryption technology used is the same encryption that safeguards Online Banking applications.

SMS Text Services
How do I activate the SMS Text service

Login to Online Banking, click the “Mobile Banking and Alerts” tab and select “activate.” Input the mobile phone number that you would like to use for text banking. An activation code will be texted to you. You will need to enter this code on your device each time you use text banking.

Is Text Banking supported on my phone?

Text Banking will work on any text message (SMS) capable phone.

Do I need a text message or data plan?

Yes, a text messaging and/or data plan is typically needed, as data usage can become expensive without them. Please check with your wireless carrier for more information.

Will I receive unsolicited text messages?

No. You will only receive messages when you request them with one of the Text Banking commands shown below.

Click here to print the command list for future reference.