March 11, 2022

Fraud Alert for BayCoast Bank Customers

Attention BayCoast Customers! We have a fraud alert you need to know about, so you don’t fall victim to scammers.

We want you to be aware that scammers have been contacting bank customers, saying they work for the bank’s “Fraud Department.” The scammers claim someone at the bank is stealing your money, and that they can protect it, but only if you follow detailed instructions:

  • The scammers will tell you to go to your local branch to withdraw cash.
    • They will ask you to call them back once you arrive in the bank’s parking lot.
    • This is because they want to ping your exact branch location and look up specific details about that branch online, such as the name of the Branch Manager.
    • By doing this, the scammers can provide additional information to you that further tricks you into believing they are actual bank employees, which they are not.
  • Once you are at the branch, the culprits will instruct you not to reveal details of the scam to bank staff.
  • Instead, the scammers want you to say your cash withdrawal is for personal reasons, such as helping a family member, or buying a car in cash for a big discount.

Once you have the cash, the scammers will ask you to do one of the following to get the money to them:

  • Send a gift card
  • Send bitcoin
  • Make a wire transfer
  • Send cash through FedEx
  • Send cash through Postal Money Orders

You should note that they will also request receipts, so nothing is traced.

These scammers are very good at tricking customers because of these specific and deceiving tactics.

Don’t fall victim to this scam.  Do not confirm your account number, balance, or any other sensitive information over the phone, especially if you were not the one to initiate the call. 

If you believe you have received a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be a bank employee, you are urged to contact BayCoast Bank immediately at 508-678-7641.